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If there is a mental health problem that has not been addressed, there are several potential outcomes. Also, the person may choose to self-medicate, as discussed above. In this case, the person may develop the additional challenge of a substance use disorder or addiction.

Addictive disorders: Causes and reasons they may get worse

If this occurs, the substance may adversely affect the mental illness in a way that is unexpected, causing a spiraling effect that makes both disorders worse, resulting in issues that are more complicated and time-consuming to treat. Approximately , people aged 12 and older had used marijuana in the past month, whereas about , people aged 12 and older had used illicit drugs other than marijuana in the past month. An estimated , people aged 12 or older had misused pain relievers in the past year in New Jersey.

Causes of Drug Use Among Young People

Approximately , people aged 12 or older in New Jersey had used cocaine in the past year, and about 38, had used heroin in the past year. Alcohol is another common substance of abuse in New Jersey , with approximately 1,, individuals aged 12 and older reporting binge drinking in the past month, and about , individuals aged 12 and older having an alcohol use disorder in the past year. The person who prescribes the drug should make sure that the person receiving the prescription understands the signs of an overdose, the importance of calling , and how to care for the person who has overdosed.

New Jersey does have major drug trafficking problems. In and , a leader of a major drug trafficking organization and 19 other members of the organization were charged with conspiring to distribute heroin in New Jersey. Columbian drug trafficking organizations are the dominant distributors , bringing heroin, marijuana, and cocaine into the region.

Consequences: The Cause and Effect of Drug Use Essay

As of , eight counties in New Jersey and twenty-one in New York are considered to be major drug trafficking areas. Oftentimes, drug manufacturers alter the composition of synthetic drugs in an effort to stay ahead of legislation efforts.

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With new synthetic drugs popping up all the time, lawmakers have trouble keeping up with legislation against these new drugs. Prescription medications, such as opioid painkillers and benzodiazepines used for anxiety disorders, are addictive substances that can change brain chemistry over time to create an addiction if the drugs are misused. Generally, if the drugs are used as prescribed, people who use them do not become addicted. In addition, using these types of medicines inappropriately, such as using them more often than directed or at higher doses than prescribed can result in tolerance, or a need to continue increasing the dose to get the same level of effect.

Because of the changes in the brain that occur, these drugs require managed detox in order to make sure that severe withdrawal problems do not occur. If an addiction to benzos is suspected, medical support for detox is necessary. Addiction is considered to be a chronic, recurring mental health disorder. Because of the physical, psychological, and environmental causes of addiction, relapse is very hard to avoid. For this reason, treatment is designed to provide tools that the person can use to manage physical, psychological, and environmental triggers and cravings.

These tools take time to learn and require practice, and they help individuals to avoid relapse. Many people consider residential addiction treatment centers to be the method most likely to result in recovery from addiction and maintenance of sobriety, although the research on this is currently inconclusive. As stated above, even low-dose benzos taken for too long can cause changes in the brain that result in dependence.

Both opioids and benzos can cause a relaxing effect that is potentially soothing for those with anxiety. When taken together, opioids and benzos both have modulatory effects on each other, meaning that they each impact how the other affects the body. Furthermore, benzodiazepines may slow down the metabolism of opioids, meaning the opioids may have a longer-lasting effect on the mind and body.

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